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samedi 6 novembre 2010

Perou - Photos - Novembre 2010 - Christine et Loic

Sélection de photos prises durant le voyage de Christine et Loic au Perou en novembre 2010.
En cliquant sur l'une des photos, vous accédez à l'album Picasa et vous pouvez télécharger les photos qui vous plaisent, ou, tout simplement, voir le diaporama en plein écran.
Contactez Loic si vous désirez des photos en "haute définition" [celles-ci sont en 1600x1200].

De 2010.11. Perou

dimanche 6 juin 2010

100 Ways To Improve Your Blog

Des travaux de post-vacances en perspective pour mettre en oeuvre certains des outils et recommandations de Dragos Roua dans 100 Ways To Improve Your Blog.

Extraits :

"[...] 3. Write Timeless Content

Don’t be caught in the “right now” trap. Writing about hot topics will last as much as the hot topics last. And we all know what’s hot is short. Try to write content that will be easily read in several months or years from now. Even if it’s about a hot topic, put something timeless in it.

7. Create And Maintain A Posting Routine

This will need a lot of self-discipline but it’s the cornerstone of your blog. If you won’t update it constantly, there will be no blog. Experiment until you find your pace. Some bloggers are posting 2-3 articles per day, some one per week. I find it easily to do around 2-3 posts per week.

44. Use Full Feeds

People have the freedom to chose which way they are going to read you: via web or via an RSS reader. Keeping partial feeds on the RSS part used to be a common tip for making people visit your site for the full content. I don’t buy it. I have full feeds: as long as they read me, it’s their choice how they do it.

58. Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools can do a lot of nice tricks for you. It shows your latest tweets in the sidebar, autmatically tweet when you publish a new post and can even let you tweet from your own blog (don’t know who uses this, but it’s kinda cool). Download here.

67. Comment On Other Blogs

Find at least 10-15 blogs you really like and make a habit out of commenting on them. Not only you will get to know a lot of interesting and potentially useful players in this area, but you will generate a lot of links and buzz. Don’t brutally say: “Hi, visit my blog”, say something meaningful and they will eventually want to know more about you.

79. Identify Forums In Your Niche

Even if you’re just blogging, forums are still very popular and they can be a very good traffic generator. Just be sure to keep a fair balance between your regular contribution to that blog and the self-promotion, forums users are typically a little bit more sensitive. [...] "
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