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dimanche 28 avril 2013

[Intéressant] Miss Korea 2013 contestants' face morphing

"Recently, there is a debate on plastic surgery from the post on Reddit titled "Korea's plastic surgery mayhem is finally converging on the same face. Here are the miss Korea 2013 contestants.
To better see the similarity among them, I first took the images from one Japanese blog. After simple normalization and registration, I can get an aligned, animated GIF looping through the 20 contestants as shown below. [...]"

Lire tout l'article ici: http://jbhuang0604.blogspot.it/2013/04/miss-korea-2013-contestants-face.html

samedi 27 avril 2013

[Libre] Copying is an act of love. Please copy and share

Lire l'article complet sur http://copyheart.org/

♡ Copying art is an act of love.

People copy stuff they like. They don’t copy stuff they don’t like. The more a work is copied, the more valuable it becomes. Value isn’t taken away by fans, it isadded by them, every time they copy.

♡ Love is not subject to law.

Although we appreciate and use Free Licenses when appropriate, these aren’t solving the problems of copyright restrictions. Instead of trying to educate everyone on the complexities of copyright law, we’d rather make our intentions clear with this simple statement:
♡ Copying is an act of love. Please copy.

♡ Please copy and share.

The Copyheart means we WANT you to copy and share. No restrictions. Just like it says: please copy and share.


Lire l'article complet sur http://copyheart.org/

[Intéressant] The Only CEO Who Matters

Sam Walton once said, "There is one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else."

Origine : Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog http://www.futurelab.net/blogs/marketing-strategy-innovation/2013/04/only_ceo_who_matters

lundi 22 avril 2013

[Intéressant] Fundawear, the Touching Underwear that Brings Distant Lovers Closer


Put on a pair of these magic underpants called Fundawear, and you'll be able to feel your lover's touch from anywhere on the planet

Fundaware is a clever combination of a smartphone app and tiny vibrating motors sewn into female lingerie and male underpants. It accomplishes the task of "transferring touch across vast distances," said the project's technical director, Ben Moir in a YouTube video:

Commissioned by the Australian division of condom company Durex, Fundaware uses tiny vibrating actuators similar to those that give your finger that buzzing "haptic feedback" on smartphones. The intensity of Fundawear's vibrations correspond to the movements of the person's finger touching the smartphone screen from afar Read more...

Origine : Mashable http://mashable.com/2013/04/21/fundawear-underwear/

dimanche 21 avril 2013

[Libre] I Stand With Trolls

"I’m a little disturbed about a few recent incidents of people being fired for things they said personally on Twitter. The most recent to pass my attention was a Microsoftie who got a little abrasive in a personal exchange.
Yes, he said highly unpopular things. Yes, he works for Microsoft. But whatever happened to the little byline we used to stick in our NNTP .sigs that said “I don’t speak for my employer?”
I think it’s important to separate these issues [...]

Lire la suite: http://braythwayt.com/2013/04/17/i-stand-with-trolls.html

samedi 20 avril 2013

[Libre] Follow the Money, then act with Love - Lawrence Lessig

Follow the Money, then Act with Love (via Market Shadows)
Follow the Money, then Act with Love Courtesy of The Banker at Bankers AnonymousSuch an important and powerful Ted talk by Lawrence Lessig. Lessig rightly points out the perfectly legal, sanctioned, and structural corruption at the heart of American Democracy.  Only 0.05% of us really fund elections…

[Utile] An End To The Aggregation Debate? Repost Makes It Easy To Embed Articles

A new startup called Repost aims to make it easy for online publishers to distribute their articles via embedding — the same way I can share a video from YouTube or a document from Scribd directly in a blog post.[...]

[...] With Repost, I can just copy-and-paste an embed code into my post, and then you get the full article, with all the formatting and images preserved. [...] You can see an example at the end of this post.[...]

Why Is It So Hard to Share Content? (via Repost)
Yes, there are lots of sharing services. But here’s the thing, they don’t actually share the content. They share links to content. VERY different. If you want to take an article from one site and publish it on another, you have to find a person, get permission, and then manually copy it. Assuming…

Lire l'article complet sur TechCrunch http://techcrunch.com/2013/04/16/repost/?

lundi 15 avril 2013

[Libre] The Rent Seeking Economy

"In a healthy society, people acquire wealth by making stuff people want. Farmers till a plots to provide for their nutritional wants. Workers assemble motorcycles for consumers who pay money because they find the motor bikes valuable. Perhaps the worker serves a philanthropic organization and earns a salary by serving the official goal of the organization. Or perhaps the worker earns money by creating crafts that others in the community value.
A society structured as the above has two great benefits. First, incentives are aligned to produce more output. A person can only acquire wealth by producing wealth. Thus the production of wealth is encouraged, as man’s natural greed is channeled towards productive ends. Second, humans are innately goal seeking creatures. It makes us fundamentally happy to strive towards a goal – whether that goal be winning a football game, learning a new song on the piano, leveling up in Warcraft, or producing a product that people want.
In a dysfunctional society, people acquire wealth via corruption, rent seeking, and theft. Perhaps they steal it at the point of a sword. Perhaps they acquire wealth through outright corruption. Perhaps they acquire wealth through holding a position in a completely dysfunctional management structure that requires internal politicking and Kabuki make work rather than actual performance.
As Adam Smith wrote, “there is a great deal of ruin in a nation” Corruption has always existed in America. But in the past decades it seems as if the dominant paradigm has shifted, so now more and more income comes via dysfunctional rent seeking rather the net creation of new wealth. 1
A most severe case of a rent seeking economy was described by the historian Rostovtvzeff, who wrote of the late Roman empire:
The reforms of Diocletian and Constantine, by implementing a policy of systematic spoliation to the profit of the State, made all productive activity impossible. The reason is, not that there were no more large fortunes: on the contrary, their build-up was made easier. But the foundation of their build-up was now no longer creative energy, or the discovery and bring into use the new sources of wealth, or the improvement and development of husbandry, industry and commerce. It was, on the contrary, the cunning exploitation of a privileged position in the State, used to despoil people and State alike. The officials, great and small, got rich by way of fraud and corruption.
The problem in America is not quite this bad – yet. But it is bad, and getting worse.
The “rent seeking” economy has several variations: [...] " 

[Libre] The Copyright Monopoly Was Always Intended To Prevent Freedom Of Expression

copyright-branded[...] When I sing “Happy Birthday” to somebody, that is quite obviously a message of my own aimed at somebody having a birthday, despite my singing that song being an illegal violation of the copyright monopoly. It is therefore trivial to see how the copyright monopoly is an illegitimate limitation on freedom of expression. [...]

Lire l'article complet : The Copyright Monopoly Was Always Intended To Prevent Freedom Of Expression

jeudi 4 avril 2013

[Intéressant] Make Your Haircut Last Two Weeks Longer with These Sylist Trimming Tips

Hey, guys: Want to save some money and avoid the barber for a couple of weeks longer? This video from BirchboxMan shows you how to extend the life of your latest haircut.

This is definitely one of those "do at your own risk" kind of things (not for the fearful!), but the instructions from stylist Jeff Chastain (of Jeff Chastain Parlor in New York City) are clear and the method looks easy enough if you have a steady, careful hand. The video's also useful if you want to learn how to do an in-between-cuts trim for someone else.

How to: Make Your Haircut Last 2 Weeks Longer | YouTube via ManMade

Origine : Lifehacker http://lifehacker.com/5993475/make-your-haircut-last-two-weeks-longer-with-these-sylist-trimming-tips

mercredi 3 avril 2013

[Intéressant] Seven Rules for Managing Creative People

Voici quelques extraits d'un article de HBR que j'ai particulièrement apprécié et dont je conseille vivement la lecture à... mes actuels et futurs managers !

"Moody, erratic, eccentric, and arrogant? Perhaps — but you can't just get rid of them. In fact, unless you learn to get the best out of your creative employees, you will sooner or later end up filing for bankruptcy.
Conversely, if you just hire and promote people who are friendly and easy to manage, your firm will be mediocre at best. Suppressed creativity is a malign organizational tumour.
Although every organization claims to care about innovation, very few are willing to do what it takes to keep their creative people happy, or at least, productive.
So what are the keys to engaging and retaining creative employees?

1. Spoil them and let them fail: [lisez les détails de chaque règle sur HBR.org...]
2. Surround them by semi-boring people: [...]
3. Only involve them in meaningful work: [...]

4. Don't pressure them: [...]
5. Pay them poorly: [...]
6. Surprise them: [...]
7. Make them feel important: [...]

lundi 1 avril 2013

Don't ask for permission, just do it !

"Best way for me to get acceptance for innovative or disruptive ideas is to just experiment, implement or deploy them first myself :
  1. without asking for permission (but counting on expertise, experience, common sense, accountability and... forgiveness)
  2. in what I call a "quick and not so dirty" way : don't shoot for perfection, just do it, try, make mistakes, correct, iterate, fail quickly, start again...
  3. involving and serving customers or partners (my turf), winning external credibility first, getting later noticed by IBM management/colleagues through customer/partner feedback
  4. sharing expertise and experience extensively (open knowledge mode) and acting/behaving beyond silos (one IBM)
See examples with my SaaS/Cloud Channels ideas/initiatives (in french): cluballiances.comclub cloud des partenaires and their associated cloud forums.
Don't ask for permission, just do it !

This is the thread I started during the recent IBM "Client Experience Jam"
It ignited a number of "likes", but more importantly, it fueled a healthy debate with close to 1500 posts elaborating on its key concepts. 
I want now to go back to those posts and extract additional food for thoughts out of them. Stay tuned !