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lundi 1 avril 2013

Don't ask for permission, just do it !

"Best way for me to get acceptance for innovative or disruptive ideas is to just experiment, implement or deploy them first myself :
  1. without asking for permission (but counting on expertise, experience, common sense, accountability and... forgiveness)
  2. in what I call a "quick and not so dirty" way : don't shoot for perfection, just do it, try, make mistakes, correct, iterate, fail quickly, start again...
  3. involving and serving customers or partners (my turf), winning external credibility first, getting later noticed by IBM management/colleagues through customer/partner feedback
  4. sharing expertise and experience extensively (open knowledge mode) and acting/behaving beyond silos (one IBM)
See examples with my SaaS/Cloud Channels ideas/initiatives (in french): cluballiances.comclub cloud des partenaires and their associated cloud forums.
Don't ask for permission, just do it !

This is the thread I started during the recent IBM "Client Experience Jam"
It ignited a number of "likes", but more importantly, it fueled a healthy debate with close to 1500 posts elaborating on its key concepts. 
I want now to go back to those posts and extract additional food for thoughts out of them. Stay tuned !