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dimanche 5 mai 2013

[Intéressant] Want to Grow Your Business? Figure Out What You Suck At

"[...] Know what you suck at.  Entrepreneurs often feel they can be great at many things and use common sense for the rest.  But listen when I tell you this: You suck at something. Everyone does! While it’s an unnatural exercise for a confident founder, a huge part of effectively growing past your own capacity is take a realistic look at not what you do best, but what you do worst. Armed with this self-awareness, you can search for people with specific skills. Find those who can do what you suck at better than you can, empower them with your full support and ensure that they regularly update you on where they are. That way you can check that mental box and know everything is covered.
Empower and engage.  I always have the same conversation with those who report to me.  It goes something like this: “I will never micromanage you unless I believe there is a problem.  That means letting me know of problems before they become infernos, and letting me know of issues before I get clients calling me about them.  Let me help you fix issues before the wheels fall off and it’s too late.” That’s easier said than done. No matter what you tell people, they will still do everything possible to deflect blame.  It’s important to make a point of being available, and avoid biting people’s heads off when they do come to you with issues. [...]"

Lisez l'article complet sur : http://www.inc.com/scott-elser/want-to-grow-figure-out-what-you-suck-at.html

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